Scammers are calling. Hang up if in doubt.

Mobile phone indicating a call from a scammer

Some members have reported scam calls about their loans or accounts with the caller asking for account information. Never give out any information to anyone who calls you. We will never call you and ask for information. If in doubt, just hang up and call us instead. 

Other ways to protect yourself from ongoing scams: 

Never give your Online Banking password for someone to “pay” you
If someone owes you money and says “Give me your account number and password so I can transfer money to you” — IT IS A SCAM!  Do not do it. Never give anyone your password.

Never pay anyone in gift cards. Ever.
Scammers call people claiming to be with the IRS or that a family member is in danger and you need to pay them now in gift cards. This is always a scam. Read more from the Federal Trade Commission.

Threatening calls or emails from Social Security are scams.
ID thieves will use threatening calls or emails to trick you into revealing personal information. Social Security Administration will never call you making threats. If you receive such a call, hang up immediately and contact SSA. Learn more from the Social Security Administration.

If in doubt, just hang up or delete suspicious emails.