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Checking Accounts

We’ve designed our checking accounts for convenience, safety and with all these benefits:

  • NO direct deposit requirement
  • NO monthly fee with minimum balance
  • FREE Visa Debit Card
  • FREE Online Banking
  • FREE online bill payment
  • FREE electronic statements

Regular Checking

Free with minimum balance of $300, and includes up to 20 checks per month free of charge.

Large Balance Checking

Free with minimum balance of $1,000, and includes unlimited check-writing.

Business Checking

One of our business checking accounts will meet your needs. Contact us for details.

Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection

Optional Courtesy Pay will cover you if you overdraw your checking account.

Savings Accounts

The key to membership is yours once you open a savings account with $25 or more. This interest-bearing account makes you a part owner of High Peaks FCU, and eligible for all our services. Our Savings accounts include:

  • NO monthly service fee or early withdrawal penalty
  • Tiered interest rates based on balance
  • Six withdrawals per month
  • Dividends accrued daily and paid quarterly
  • Funds can be direct deposited into your account
  • Federally insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA


Retirement is more secure with a federally-insured Individual Retirement Account. Funds deposited into an IRA offer specific tax benefits, depending on the type of account you open.

We offer Traditional and Roth IRA accounts. Consult your tax adviser to determine which is best for you. Both IRAs feature:

  • Federally-insured safety
  • NO account set-up fees
  • Terms from 3 to 36 months
  • Tax advantages (Consult your tax advisor)
  • Dividends paid quarterly or at maturity into the account of your choice

Traditional IRA

This account allows you to grow your Individual Retirement Account with tax-deductible contributions. Only when you withdraw funds are they taxed, when you’ll likely be in a lower tax bracket.

Roth IRA

This option makes the most sense if you expect your tax rate to be higher during retirement than it is now. Your contributions are made with after-tax dollars, so your withdrawals at retirement may be tax-free.


Open a certificate of deposit with as little as $500 for terms from 3 to 36 months. Your funds begin earning dividends on the first business day they are deposited, and are federally insured.

Montana Medical Savings Account

Contribute up to $4,500 annually and enjoy tax savings on your Montana tax return (Consult your tax advisor). Use to pay or save for medical expenses. The unused balance at the end of each year rolls over for future use and continues to earn a competitive yield. An MSA can also be passed to others, so you can leave a legacy for spouses, children or grandchildren to use for their own medical expenses.

If you are married, your spouse may open an additional MSA, increasing your Montana State tax savings. For detailed information about MSAs download the PDF for the Montana Medical Care Savings Account Act.

Christmas Club Account

Earn a highly competitive rate on deposits to this account up to $3,600!  On November 1st of each year, just in time for early holiday shopping, the balance is transferred into your regular savings account. Dividends are paid quarterly.

Pee Wee Penguin Savings for Kids

Help young people in your life learn good financial habits with a Pee Wee Penguin Savings account. Children aged 12 or younger receive a passbook to keep track of their savings; a coin saver to encourage them; and a special card on their birthday. Dividends are paid quarterly.

Pee Wee Penguin

Federally Insured Safety

Your deposits in High Peaks FCU are federally protected up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the U.S. Government.